Lauren Cohan’s Hottest Moments Video

The video above features the hottest moments so far in the acting career of Shebrew “The Walking Dead” star Lauren Cohan.

Lauren is considered quite the cock tease in the Islamic world, for every week we watch “The Walking Dead” hoping that we will finally see the orgasmic sight of her getting her Jewish guts ripped out by zombie only to be disappointed time and time again.

Yes Lauren Cohan’s true “hottest” moment will be when she is finally recorded getting torn limb from limb… Either by the zombies on “The Walking Dead”, or in real life by the brave Jihadist warriors of ISIS in a propaganda video (obviously I prefer the latter). Then Lauren can experience what it really means to be “hot”, as she begins her eternity burning in the hellfire with all the other degenerate himey skanks that expose their blasphemous Jew titties on TV and in movies to the dismay of us pious Muslims.