Leslie Mann Nude Scenes

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The videos below are comedic actress Leslie Mann’s only two nude scenes to date…

With the one above coming from the movie “The Change-Up”…

And this one coming from the film “This Is 40”.

Of course it comes as no surprise to see Leslie Mann so brazenly displaying her blasphemous nude female flesh in these scenes, for it distracts from the fact that she is not even remotely funny.

In fact, it is a scientific fact that women’s tiny feeble brains are incapable of humor, for they lack the processing capacity required for wit. That isn’t to say that women can not be inadvertently funny by stepping on a rake, falling into a well, or collapsing in the fields from exhaustion.

However, in the case of Leslie Mann her funniest moment will come when a stone of justice smashes that smug smirk off of her face after being sentenced in Sharia court for these nude crimes against morality.