Lia Marie Johnson Bouncing Boobs Dance Video

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19-year-old social media star Lia Marie Johnson promises that she will show off her boobs, and then proceeds to get drunk and dance around bouncing them all over the place in the compilation of Snapchat videos below.

This video is the perfect illustration of why Islam strictly forbids women from both dancing and consuming alcohol… For as Lia Marie Johnson drinks her bottles of fermented goat’s milk (or whatever it is that infidel women drink) she becomes more uninhibited, and her breasts come dangerously close to popping right out of her swimsuit as she flails about like an epileptic retard in a strobe light factory.

Yes after seeing this video there is little doubt that Lia Marie Johnson is a brazen busty whore, and her degenerate alcoholic ways will lead her down the path of exposing her bulbous teen mammaries for all to see someday very soon. Let us all pray to Allah that she overdoses on pills at one of her trendy LA parties before her bare tits are unleashed upon the world.