Mayra Leal Nude Scenes Compilation

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Mexican actress Mayra Leal recently got a boob job, and as you can see from the topless comparison photo above and her nude scene compilation video below, Mayra’s acting has dramatically improved as a result.

If cheap Mexican whores like Mayra are now able to get fake titties of this quality before sneaking across the border then the whole slut economy of the US is certainly at risk. The Great Orange Sultan Trump would be wise to build his wall soon before the wages for buxom bitches bottoms out resulting in a catastrophic depravity depression.

Speaking of Trump’s border policies, like many us Muslims were outraged by the recent news that Mexican children illegally crossing into America are being separated into camps… For the bond between a child and his/her human trafficker coyote is a sacred one, as it is not too dissimilar to the relationship between us pious Muslims and our beloved child brides. Trump must learn to respect that!