McKayla Maroney’s Boobs Are Coming In Nicely

mckayla-maroney, celeb-jihad

As you can see in the recent down shirt deep cleavage SnapChat photo above, US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney’s boobs are coming in quite nicely.

Even though McKayla is 19-years-old now and thus well beyond the acceptable marrying age for us Muslim men, she still holds quite a bit of value as a concubine. For after years of taking hormone blockers to stay small and tight for gymnastics, McKayla’s body has remained pleasingly nubile despite her advanced age.

mckayla-maroney, celeb-jihad

Yes it appears that McKayla is just now blossoming into a woman. As you can see in the photo above from just a few months ago, when compared to the new SnapChat photo at the top, it is clear that McKayla’s breasts have grown quite a bit in a short time.

There is no denying that McKayla Maroney has finally ripened, and it is time for us virile Muslims to taste her fruit. Let us hope that an enterprising Syrian slave merchant “acquires” McKayla and puts her up for auction at market soon before she begins to wither and rots on the vine.