Megan Fox Nude In A White Corset For The New Year

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As we learned from the atrocious amount of celebrity nudity we witnessed in 2014, there is seemingly no limit to the depths of depravity that infidel whores in Hollywood will sink to.

With the coming of the New Year we should expect this degeneracy to intensify, as the Hollywood harlots become even more brazen in their immoral ways. As evidence of this, take this new photo above of actress Megan Fox showing off her sinful nude sex organs while in a white corset.

Even though Megan Fox clearly has no future in Hollywood due to her severe lack of acting talent, she continues to inflict us with her sickening bare feminine body. If this is the type of sluttery we are getting from a washed up has-been like Megan Fox, one shudders to think of what sort of displays we will be seeing from stars that are still relevant or are up and coming in 2015. Though rest assured my Muslim brothers that Allah will never give us more celebrity nudity then we can handle. Praise be onto him!