Natalie Dormer “Game of Thrones” Nude Scene Color Corrected In HD

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The video clip below features actress Natalie Dormer’s “Game of Thrones” nude scene expertly color corrected in high definition.

This color correction really allows one to appreciate the awfulness of Natalie’s nude saggy and lopsided titties. And when you add those sloppy milk sacks to her creepy Kewpie doll face and hopelessly depraved nature, it is clear that she is going to be high on the list to be lapidated once Islam finishes conquering the West.

Yes Natalie’s malformed mammaries make her an utterly (or should I say udderly) useless woman who is not fit to nurse a stray dog. Her one and only path to redemption at this point is to wear the martyr vest into a crowded Israeli bus depot… Needless to say that will certainly be the first time that Natalie blows people away with her chest.