Natalie Dormer’s Sex Scenes In ‘The Scandalous Lady W’

“Game of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer has a new autobiographical movie out called “The Scandalous Lady W”. In the film Natalie (who plays herself naturally) reenacts her younger years in England by having sex with numerous foppish men in wigs.

As you can see in video clip above of Natalie’s sex scenes from the movie, Natalie gives the best “O” face in the business, as you can clearly pinpoint the exact moment she is penetrated. Of course infidel men with their pathetically tiny manhoods could never get any woman (let alone a loose slut like Natalie Dormer) to make faces like this.

Yes it is clear from these sex scenes that Natalie has had the tremendous honor of being viciously pounded out by a virile Muslim man, and that she is now drawing on that life changing experience in her acting. However with such an expressive face it must have been difficult for the Muslim cocksman that banged Natalie to finish, for there is no bigger turn off then the sight of sinful female sexual pleasure.