New Aubrey Plaza And Kaley Cuoco Censored Pics Leaked


A new censored photo of “Parks And Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza naked while masturbating in the bathroom has just been leaked online.

Adding further to the speculation that a new round of celebrity nude leaks are about to happen, two new photos of “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco have also been released. As you can see below, one of the photos states that “The Fappening” will be continuing tonight.


Rest assured that if more celebrity nudes do not leak soon us Muslims will issue a fatwa against the leakers, and they will know the furious wrath of Islam, as we are tired of being threateningly teased with these censored pics!

Reportedly the next batch of leaks will feature Kaley Cuoco nude pics and videos, Aubrey Plaza masturbation videos, more Jennifer Lawrence pics (possibly a video), and believe it or not Kim Kardashian nudes (no joke).