Phoebe Tonkin Nude Scene From “The Affair”

The video above features “The Originals” and “H2O: Just Add Water” star Phoebe Tonkin’s first ever on-screen nude scene from the Showtime TV series “The Affair”.

As you can see from this video, Phoebe Tonkin plays a slutty Airbnb hostess who will go to any lengths to get a 5-star review. Unfortunately for Phoebe her titties are 3-star at best. Add to that the fact that despite having a pleasingly angelic face Phoebe has sex with that flaming homoqueer “Pacey” from “Dawson’s Creek”, and the only stars she is going to see from us pious Muslim men is when we crack her upside her head with a righteously thrown stone.

If Phoebe wanted to show her nude breasts so badly then she should have done so during her halal teen star “H2O: Just Add Water” days. Now that she is a late-twenties dilapidated old maid, her saggy sacks deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule.