Rachel Cook, Jessica Clements, Ebonee Davis “Nude” Documentary

The video above features all of the nude scenes from the new chilling Starz documentary “Nude”, which takes an in-depth look at the extremely disturbing world of high-end nude modeling.

This “Nude” expose provides fascinating insight into the deranged mind of famous photographer David Bellemere, as he creepily positions the naked bodies of models into disconcerting contortions with the earnest attention of a serial killer arranging his victims.

Speaking of which, I would certainly be willing to bet many dinars and my prized goats that this guy has at least a half dozen human body parts in his freezer. Unfortunately none of those body parts belong to the models featured in this documentary like Rachel Cook, Jessica Clements, or Ebonee Davis (at least not yet). But it was clear from this video that the one Asian model that was annoying him is going to end up with her decapitated head in a freezer bag… Which would actually be one photo from this guy us pious Muslims would enjoy seeing.