Rihanna Gropes Her Own Ass

rihanna, celeb-jihad

There appears to be a celebrity ass play epidemic going on in Hollywood right now. First we caught Hayden Panettiere tasting her ass, and now Rihanna was photographed playing with her diseased shitbox in front of a disinterested crowd.

It is not surprising that Rihanna would be so quick to jump on the ass play bandwagon considering she has made a career of crudely imitating other artists starting with Beyonce, then Tina Turner, and now Hayden Panettiere.

This Rihanna butt grab picture serves as a shining example to all the little infidel girls out there that no matter how unattractive and talentless they are, as long as they are willing to sell their bodies and perform demeaning sexual acts on stage there is a place for them in the Zionist controlled entertainment industry.