Rihanna’s Nipples In The “Wild Thoughts” Music Video

In the (thankfully muted) scenes above, the savage she-boon known only as Rihanna flaunts her primitive titties and nipples in see through tops for the new DJ Khaled music video “Wild Thoughts”.

It is great to see that a devout Muslim like DJ Khaled has flipped the script on the corrupt Zionists, and is now using their own tricks against them. For not only is Khaled making a killing peddling crappy ghetto rap music to the heathen masses, but he is using dirt skin whores like Rihanna to do it.

This is the blueprint that Hebrew Hollywood has been using for nearly a century to enrich themselves through the debasement of Western culture. Now enterprising Muslims like Khaled are also making fortunes, and contributing to the collapse of Western civilization through the promotion of the worst elements of its society… namely rap music and Rihanna’s sloppy breast meat.