Robin Williams Dead, Suicide Note Leaked

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Beloved entertainer Robin Williams was found dead in his Northern California home earlier today in an apparent suicide by auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Of course Robin Williams is best known as a member of the early 90’s British pop group “Take That”. Later Robin would launch a very successful solo career in the UK, dominating the music charts in the late 90’s.

It is tragic that Robin and his angelic voice was taken from us prematurely. When will people learn that suicide is never the answer! …unless of course the question is how did Robin Williams die.

When the coroner came to cut the rope from Robin Williams’ neck (and genitals), what is believed to be a suicide note fell out of his breast pocket. The note reportedly reads, ““Fuck her right in the pussy” and includes a rough sketch of the figure in the drawing below.

celebrity-deaths, celeb-jihad

This suicide note proves, that despite what many thought, Robin Williams had a great sense of humor. He will be missed.