Scarlett Johansson Boob Slip Outtake

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Scarlett Johansson’s boob slips out of her top in this outtake pic from an old photo shoot.

Obviously this shameful tit slip never would have occurred if they would have taken the proper precaution of duct taping down Scarlett’s breasts, or better yet, if she was being photographed wearing a burka. Why the infidels feel the need to take crass photos of nearly nude women like this remains a mystery to us Muslims. Especially considering that seeing a woman in a burka tells a man everything he needs to know about her potential fertility.

If instead of having her tit hanging out, Scarlett Johansson was in a burka in this pic it would be easy for us Muslims to assess from the curvature of the fabric around her ample bosom and hips that she would make an adequate breeding apparatus. However, then looking through her face slit and into her soulless eyes it would be clear that what mating potential she has is pointless, for she is a degenerate whore who needs to be lapidated.