Selena Gomez And Leighton Meester Are Dating

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Is there anything more beautiful then hot young lesbians finding love between each others taut nubile thighs? Yes, me masturbating quietly in the corner while hot young lesbians find love between each others thighs.

Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester are almost certainly dating. Look at the picture above of the two love birds holding hands while spending time in Paris, the city of love. It is so obvious that Selena and Leighton are going down on each other, I don’t even need to check their teeth for pubes.

Selena Gomez’s exploits with other women have been well documented on this site. From Demi Lovato to Taylor Swift, Selena has an impressive list of conquests. However, this appears to be Leighton Meester’s first foray into dykedom. Let us hope that an experienced carpet muncher like Selena is being gentle with Leighton.

Honestly I am a little worried about Selena and Leighton dating. I have pictured them going at it in bed together hundreds of times now, and I am starting to get the feeling that Selena may just be using Leighton for sex.

I hope I am wrong, and Selena actually does have an attraction to Leighton outside their obvious physical want for each others tight young bodies. I would hate for Leighton to end up as just another notch on Selena’s strap-on.