Selena Gomez Reads Celeb Jihad

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Through the use of a Mexican translator Selena Gomez was able to read Celeb Jihad for the first time, and she obviously came to the horrifying realization that, much like the herpes scars covering her loins, the repercussions from her years of wanton sluttery will be both painful and permanent.

That is because for years now us dedicated Celeb Jihadists have been documenting Selena Gomez’s degenerate whorish behavior on this holy Muslim celebrity gossip website with the hope of using it as evidence in Selena’s inevitable trial in Sharia court.

Yes it is now clear to Selena Gomez that one day soon she will feel the wrath of righteous Islamic justice for her numerous crimes against morality thanks to the good work done on this site. I think that is something we can all be extremely proud of.