Selena Gomez Scandalous Behind The Scenes Vid

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The scandalous behind the scenes video of Selena Gomez whoring herself for her new perfume “Ode de Whore” is eliciting both outrage and nausea throughout the Islamic world.

Selena Gomez blatantly whoring herself like this just to sell a few bottles of what I can only imagine is stale refried bean water is a new low for the former Disney star. I shudder at the thought of the sick immoral display we would be subjected to if (Allah forbid) Selena Gomez ever landed a clothing line.

The fact that the Western infidels not only allow Selena to behave like this, but then inflict the images upon us civilized Muslims through the Zionist media is just outrageous and clearly a crime against humanity. We have contacted the UN to see about bring up war crime charges against Selena Gomez, but have yet to hear back. Hopefully justice will be served soon. Allahu Akbar!