Sofia Vergara’s Hottest Moments Video

As you can see in the compilation video above, “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara has had quite the career in heathen Hollywood ever since she washed up on the banks of the Rio Grande when sneaking into the US from her native Mexican country of Colombia.

Of course Sofia Vergara’s success in the Zionist controlled entertainment industry should come as no surprise as she has big tits, and accepts refried beans as payment. Finding a busty American actress to play these roles would cost the miserly Hollywood Jews hundreds of dollars, so bringing in South American trash like Sofia Vergara makes sense.

Unfortunately it is the big tittied American whores that suffer, as they lose their jobs to Mayan jungle sluts like Sofia Vergara. Luckily for these girls there is a booming industry in the Middle East providing concubine services to us virile Muslims. Thus proving the old adage, “When Allah closes a door, he opens your legs”.