Sophie Turner Bikini, Boobs, And Ice Cream Pic

sophie-turner, celeb-jihad

18-year-old “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner flaunts her tear drop shaped milky white boob in a bikini while holding some ice cream in the photo above.

It couldn’t be more obvious what Sophie Turner is planning in this picture, as she clearly is going to drip some of that melting ice cream between her nubile breasts in the hopes that a Muslim man will happen by and lick it off, thus sending her into fits of erotic ecstasy as his coarse masculine beard tickles her tit meat.

Well unfortunately for Sophie Turner unless that ice cream is made from goat’s milk us Muslims won’t be licking it off any part of her sinful body. However, we will shove those ice cream sticks up her anus for having the nerve to try to lure us into sin (and ruin our diets) with her exposed flesh and tasty treats.