Stefanie Scott Shocking Sex Photo

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19-year-old former Disney star Stefanie Scott was caught on camera having sex in the shocking photo above.

Of course what is surprising about this picture is not that Stefanie is laying back on a table with her legs spread wide while a man stuffs his cock into her tight teen lady hole, but rather that the cock is not black and her other orifices are not also being worked over.

After spending her formative years under contract with Disney Stefanie Scott is certainly no stranger to performing in interracial gang bangs at the exclusive parties of the company’s executives, for there is nothing these liberal Zionists like better than seeing fresh young white meat being defiled by the Sub-Saharan savages. Which is of course why the majority of Disney’s programming is geared toward normalizing blasphemous race mixing. However, interestingly enough this Satanic progressive propaganda does not seem to work on the performers themselves, for as you can see from this Stefanie Scott sex pic, Disney produces very few real life mudshark whores.