Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Underage Boobs

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17-year-old struggling musical artist Taylor Momsen, tried to expressed herself onstage this weekend by flashing her underage tits. Unfortunately Taylor’s message fell flat as she was forced to self-censor, and place black tape over her supple young nipples.

What a shame it is that Taylor Momsen is oppressed by backwards Western society, were girls under the age of 18 are not allowed to flaunt their bare breasts in public. In more civilized places like Iraq and Oman girls of all ages are free to express themselves by showing whatever body parts they want. Of course the men in these places are equally free to punish these harlots with a righteous public stoning, another freedom the West is severely lacking in.

Honestly I do not understand the corrupt backwards laws of America. What is so special about a woman’s breasts that she can not display them, when American society already allows women to run around showing off bare legs, arms, and face? Do you kuffars not know that all parts of a woman are equally offensive to Allah?

It is a great shame that Taylor Momsen is forced to censor herself like this, because of barbaric illogical laws. I suggest Taylor take her act to Tehran so that she may enjoy the freedom of self-expression she so desperately yearns for.