Taylor Momsen Shows Her Bare Butt For Attention

taylor-momsen, celeb-jihad

Former child star and current struggling musician Taylor Momsen shows her bare butt, felates a ram’s skull, and electric tapes her private parts in the disturbing images below.

It clear from these photos that Taylor Momsen is desperate for attention. These sort of antics may have got Taylor the attention she craves when she was doing them at 16-years-old, but now that she is an old hag at 20-years-old they just aren’t going to cut it.

For one thing just showing butt cheeks is not at all provocative by today’s standards. If Taylor Momsen wants to make a splash and kick start her career then she is going to have to bend over and spread them. It wouldn’t hurt (besides physically) to shove that ram’s horn up her rectum as well, and then still perform felatio on it in the next pic.


taylor-momsen, celeb-jihad taylor-momsen, celeb-jihad taylor-momsen, celeb-jihad