Taylor Swift Attacks Celeb Jihad Over A Topless Pic

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

As various news outlets (TMZ) are reporting, country music star Taylor Swift is waging war against our holy Muslim celebrity gossip site. Taylor Swift is pissed because we dared question whether a topless photo of a possibly inbred teen in a trailer may in fact be Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift clearly brought this upon herself by running around without a burka, exposing her lanky bird like figure in public. Not to mention her sexually suggestive song lyrics, which include Taylor advocating running off to meet boys “on the edge of town” without a male relative to chaperone.

Yes Taylor Swift has been playing in the mud for years, and it takes a pure-minded pious Muslim like myself to point out how dirty she is. If Taylor Swift does not want people questioning her morals, and wondering if she is capable of all manner of sexual perversion then she must convert to Islam and wear the burka. Anything less and she is inviting moral scrutiny. Allahu Akbar!