Victoria Justice Naked Showing Off Her Holes

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Former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was caught on camera at a Walgreens buying a big box of condoms in the photo above.

Clearly Victoria Justice is hoping that the photo below of her completely naked and showing off her cock pocket and tight turd cutter will land her some good hard orifice stretching sex from one of us virile Muslim bulls.

victoria-justice, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

Unfortunately for Victoria no self-respecting Muslim cocksman would degrade himself by allowing his mighty tunic snake to slither up in her heathen holes, for she is a vile immoral temptress who is totally unworthy of such unimaginably intense erotic pleasures.

Besides us Muslims never use condoms as they are haram and completely unnecessary… For our superior Islamic immune systems protect us from all sexually transmitted diseases (which Victoria is no doubt infested with), and if the woman is foolish enough to become pregnant with child when not one of our wives we simply stone her for being an adulteress whore.