Young Kate Upton’s Audition Tape

kate-upton, celeb-jihad

The GIF above features a young Kate Upton auditioning for her very first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. As you can see, Kate Upton’s considerable talents were evident right from the very beginning, as she impressively jiggles them from side to side.

Of course looking at this young Kate Upton audition tape one can not help but feel disappointed that Kate would squander her talents modeling for crappy men’s magazines, when she could have reached her full potential by serving as a tit sex concubine and wet nurse in the palace of a powerful Muslim man.

Yes clearly Kate Upton’s bulbous breasts were molded by Allah himself to provide pleasure to our enormous Muslim tunic snakes as they slither up Kate’s tit valley, and spit all over her face. The fact that Kate Upton could be experiencing this unimaginable pleasure, as well as the joy of having her nipples suckled until they are chapped and raw by a litter of hungry future Jihadist babies, but she instead choose to make millions traveling the world and posing nearly naked on exotic beaches boggles the mind.